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NathanSynth is a multi-genre record producer and DJ who is always ready to collaborate with both new and professional artists. Originally from southern California, his styles have been described as laid back, exciting, and even jazzy. While those descriptions are quite accurate, Synth self-labels his style as celestial and uniquely crafted. From a shy trumpet player in the 3rd grade to an established producer 10 years later, music has always been and will forever be a part of NathanSynth’s core.

He has recorded many mixtapes, singles, and albums, and has collaborated with independent artists for various performances, and even produced an entire album from scratch for the Houston songwriter Emeka. He has also worked with local talents Flares (aka Spain), T.Nate, and has produced for artists from Carolina all the way to Amsterdam.

Whether the music is hip-hop, r&b, dance, electronica or otherwise, Nathan Synth is dedicated to making each track sound phenomenal, and every track is a dedication to God, a major inspirational source for Synth’s sounds.

Furthermore, NathanSynth is the proud co-founder of 12oz. Music, the founder of 1200Hits.com, and the head of Beats Affinity Radio.


Email jdt817@gmail.com

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