Tips For Making Great Beats #1: Quality Sounds

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Hey guys,

Have you ever heard a song that had a good structure, a nice melody, but drums that sounded old and outdated?

This happens a lot when I listen to beats on the internet.

Most songs that are heard on the radio, in the club, or wherever you hear them, have noticeably good-quality sounds. It’s like you can tell that the producers did not just download a free drum kit somewhere from the internet and then try making Grammy-winning hits. Well, not to say that this isn’t possible, but let’s be real – great producers use great sounds. This is an undeniable aspect of the beat making process.

8-bit 808 drum sets are cool for certain genres (especially video game music) and have their place in many different uses – but in the realm of hip hop and r&b, as of 2016, people are accustomed to hearing top-tier drum sounds that are either synthesized very well, or sampled from drums in a high-end studio with high-end microphones.

It’s not just the drums that need to have great quality. The synthesizer – one of the most widely used instruments by hip hop producers – must be kept up to date with the latest sounds. There is a lot of subjectivity to this – after all, a skilled producers can take even the lamest sounding synthesizer and find ways to breath new swag into it – but quality reigns supreme here as well. Your instruments must sound fresh and crisp and should appease that innate desire to be “wowed” every time you hear the synthesizer play. For this reason I tend to rely heavily on such synthesizers as Sytrus (a staple instrument with FL Studio) and my personal favorite, Refx Nexus 2.

Where can quality sounds be found? Probably too many places to count. My personal go-to for great drums, synths, and loops is PrimeLoops. They have a HUGE selection, ALL of their products are A+ in sound quality, and you will get great satisfaction as a customer since their prices are very reasonable.

For more great drum kits and Sylenth presets, check out Platinum Sound Kits. I’ve got some of my drums from there and have not been disappointed.

As the DJ of this station, but more importantly, as a producer who wants other producers to shine, I want all to know the importance of choosing quality sounds when making beats, and to know that there are places where such sounds can be found.

Last note: If you are a producer who has great sounds and would like to get them posted on this website, please let me know!


That’s all for today, guys!

@NathanSynth, the BAR Admin.

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